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Aimless Ponderings

Are there any topics you ever contemplate that you can’t quite get your head around? Often, I find myself pondering concepts that are beyond my grasp. These questions aren’t as complicated as the meaning of life, yet trouble me nonetheless!

Why do people randomly stop in place when walking through a crowded place, like a shopping mall? You don’t do that when you’re driving your car. If you need to stop, you pull over. Should there be a shoulder at shopping malls?

How do people manage to misspell coworker’s names in emails when the spelling is provided in the email address?

Why does setting my heater at 68 degrees feel cozy in the winter time, yet doing the same with my a/c in the summer feels too chilly?

How is it possible that food prepared by someone else seems to taste better than if you were to make the exact same recipe? Is love an actual ingredient?

Why are people ticklish?

Why do people tailgate on the roads? If you want to drive faster, then you should pass the slower car. Rather than feeling compelled to go faster, I am more inclined to slow down to reduce the impact if they hit me…and perhaps a bit to encourage them to pass.

How come men don’t wear purses? Guys often leave receipts, etc. in their pockets, which leads to lint on clothing if it’s not thrown out before doing laundry. What’s so unmanly about wanting to avoid being covered in lint?

What caused fanny packs / bum bags to go out of style? They’re too practical to not be cool!

Why do we use tools to avoid doing hard work, such as elevators and push carts at the grocery store, then pay to work out at a gym?

If you have any wisdom on these topics, please let me know!! 🙂