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All I Want for Christmas…

I love to go shopping for presents. Gift giving is a gesture that lets you show that you know and care about someone enough to understand what makes them happy. It’s very rewarding when you are able to find the perfect present to make someone important to you feel special. In some instances, it can be easier to identify that silver bullet than in others.

…is YOU!

Recently, I asked a friend what she wanted for Christmas, to which she replied, “A husband.” My first reaction was Sadness, as her comment brought me back to those holiday seasons where I was single. If marriage is a seemingly distant goal, then it can be even more challenging around the holidays than it is during the rest of the year. The weather’s colder, which means there tend to be fewer reasons to leave the house, and the parties that are held are typically couple centric.

My husband and I recently attended our work Christmas party. We were incredibly fortunate at this gathering: not only do we work for the same company and therefore knew most people at the party, but we also had each other’s company to enjoy. The people without a date were at the mercy of being cornered by an overly chatty person who had a few too many to drink, or worse, becoming that overbearing person without having someone to gently remind them that perhaps they’ve had enough.

Spring to Action

The second reaction I had to my friend’s wish list was Determination. There had to be something I could do to find her someone special. Was there a guy I knew who would be a good match? It seemed a bit much to wrap a man and put him under the tree. Perhaps I could put Mr. Perfect’s phone number in a gift bag and give that to her? But what if they didn’t turn out to be soul mates? Are there such things as gift cards for services like eHarmony?

Plan B

Ultimately, I want my friend to be happy and to be able to enjoy the holidays without feeling lonely. If I find a gentleman worthy of my friend’s love, then I’ll be tempted to play matchmaker. In the meantime, I’ll be on the hunt for the second best gift. I hear that you can buy a square foot of land in Ireland online…who wouldn’t love that? Or else a reindeer sweater is always a winning choice. 🙂