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Appreciation Declaration

Life can get complicated quickly. There are many aspects of one’s day that can throw a wrench into it and make it a bit funky; not in a 70′s disco kind of way, but more so in a deflating way.

I attended a training session through work called Leader’s Journey, which has a purpose of empowering people. The way the course accomplishes that goal is by helping people to keep experiences in perspective and encouraging participants to think, “What can I do to make my situation better?” as opposed to, “Why is this happening to me?” One exercise that was shared is to identify fifty (yup, 50!) items each day that you appreciate in your life, which is a great way of reminding you to think positively. Just think about the optimism girl in the Maxwell House commercial. It may sound cheesy, but it works!

Although I typically go through this appreciation exercise alone in my car en route to work, I thought I’d share with you some fun ones today.

Getting a Call

Sure, I send text messages and email, as do many others. It’s timely, not dependent upon schedules, and you have time to get your thoughts in order, if needed. Having a proper phone conversation can take more time and may require coordination of calendars. When this is accomplished, how special do you feel? Bonus appreciation points are awarded for long distance calls, unexpected catch ups with old friends, getting interrupted from a conversation you were attempting to end anyway, and hearing, “I love you.”

Planning a Vacation

My childhood suitcase had the Care Bears on it and said, “Getting there is half the fun!” While that may have been a ploy to brainwash kids via a cartoon into staying still during a car trip, it definitely holds in my adulthood. I’m not just talking about the physical trip itself, but also the journey of planning. Matt and I are in the beginning phases of planning our honeymoon, which is so much fun. We haven’t even decided on a continent, let alone whether we want to go somewhere warm or cold. It’s nice to take a step back and think about what else is out there in the world to explore and to be fortunate enough to do so!

My Ride

I went to university in the D.C. area and stayed there for a bit afterwards, during which time I rarely owned a car. You can get around relatively easily via buses, the metro, and generous friends who have automobiles. Granted, my car isn’t flashy, but I appreciate the convenience of having my Civic and the flexibility it permits in getting around when and how I need/want to.

Sharing the Road with People who Understand the Concept of the Passing Lane

One of my above mentioned generous friends who had a car at university, Karen, is from New Jersey. Jersey may be the only state in the U.S. that gives you a ticket for driving in the left hand lane without actively passing someone, which I learned through observing her respectful driving habits. I recognize that not everyone is taught this courtesy in such rigor, so I try to appreciate those who do put the concept into practice. It really makes the roads work and makes me happy.

Nap Time!

As one of my favorite, always appreciated past times in life, the title warrants an exclamation mark. Having the time and the ability to lie down and sneak in an hour or two’s worth of extra sleep is gush-worthy. I’m not sure what else to say besides I heart naps!