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Thanks Giving

Happy Thanksgiving / Turkey Day / Parade Day / Football Day / what have you! I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday. Since I am feeling very blessed this year, I wanted to share what I’m thankful for. 🙂


He is my best friend, and each day, we joke together, scheme together, and just enjoy life together. I’m fortunate to have such a clever & kind man as my mister. He makes me feel like the most special person in the world, having chosen me as his wife.


Although it still is tough to think about having lost him this past December, I was very blessed to have had him in my life for 30+ years. Some people don’t even get to meet their fathers, and I am lucky to have had his influence on me. A lot of who I am today is because of him.


I tend to think of a homogenous group of people as being what defines a family; however, mine is a collection of unique individuals – in a good way! We have similar senses of humor, so the holidays are always entertaining, whether I’m enjoying my stuffing & mashed potatoes in Frederick or Pittsburgh.

Extended Family

To some, “in-laws” may sound like a dirty word, but not to me. I’m lucky to have my in-laws. When I lived in the UK, it was amazing to have their support and love, especially with my family being so far away. They even made an authentic Thanksgiving meal for when I couldn’t get home for the holiday, making a trip to the super expensive American store to get the pumpkin pie filling and other trimmings you can’t easily find over there.

New Addition

I’m excited to meet our little one in April, who I am thankful for each and every day. I’m incredibly happy we’re able to have kids, and I can’t begin to get my head around how fabulously different our lives will be. We’ll be at the pregnancy halfway point this weekend…!


I’m thankful to have made such lovely & wise friends in my life. Being pregnant, it’s especially nice to have experienced mommies share their advice and doting “aunts” and “uncles” to express their excitement. I’m wonderfully fortunate!


Today’s my birthday, and although adding another year to my age isn’t as exciting as when I was in the single digits, it is nice to look back at another year having passed, and to look forward to the coming year. This year especially, I’m pumped to be able to have a yummy mom-made Thanksgiving dinner, along with some mom-made iced brownies!