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Raising Patients

Nursing someone back to health after surgery is similar to raising a child. Sure, there are some obvious differences! But there are also a few comparable phases. I recently saw my husband go through a pretty intense procedure, and it was quite an experience. I’ve learned a lot about him over the past few weeks, including that he can remain positive and forward-looking even after some ridiculously rough days. I’m a lucky gal!

Protective Instincts

Before the surgery, we made sure we had the best surgeon lined up that we could find. Luckily, we live in Pittsburgh, and having University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in our backyard was a huge blessing. The first doctor we saw was not through UPMC and it showed. He was clumsy and didn’t provide a correct diagnosis. We waited for a few weeks to see doctor number two, who not only diagnosed him on the first visit; she also shared the details of the first surgery as though she watched it firsthand. Nothing but the best for my hubby.

Welcome (Back) to the World

The surgery lasted for over five hours. My aunt was kind enough to stay with me to pass the time, which really helped the long hours go by. I couldn’t wait to see him when they finally allowed visitors! There were butterflies in my belly when I walked into the corridor of the recovery center. Was he going to be in one piece? How alert would he be? Would he be in pain? etc. etc. He looked like a spacey, quiet, slightly wobbly version of himself. It was good to see him awake, although I couldn’t wait until he had all of his senses properly intact.

Schedules are Important…

One piece of advice that people give when you have newborns is to sleep when they sleep, and this holds when you have outpatients to care for as well. As soon as we got home, he crashed. I was excited to catch up on emails, to fill people in on Matt’s status and to see what else had happened while we were in the vortex that is the hospital, so I quietly typed as he rested. I still planned to go to bed early, although I ended up staying awake well past my bedtime trying to figure out the best way to make him feel comfortable after he woke up. He was given a new prescription and was able to go to sleep in the wee hours of the morning…poor guy.

He’s Such a Big Boy!

It amazed me how much he changed day over day. My husband went from being super out of it, to being able to communicate verbally, on to being able to eat solid foods. Eventually, he was even able to walk all by himself, which made me really proud. It made me incredibly happy when his personality came fully back. It was amazing that the important procedure went as well as it did, and it’s good to have my lovely man back!