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An Ode to Winter

Just outside of London, the winters are not as harsh as they can be in PA. Last winter here in Pittsburgh was our first together and was fortunately not too dramatic, despite my husband seeing mild snowfall on his first weekend in town. This year, it seems that we’ll actually see more snow and well below freezing temperatures. In preparation for the hibernation season, I wanted to put together a list some fun activities that are most appreciated when temperatures drop to keep my husband happy in the ‘Burgh. 🙂

Winter Baking

Any excuse to bake is a good one to me! The colder weather gives you plenty of time to do indoor activities, and this is one of my favorites. It makes the house smell nice and often tastes amazing. Also, December is the only month you can get away with making Christmas cookies without looking overly nutty.

Cozy Clothes

There’s something nostalgic about bundling up in a woolen hat and a fuzzy scarf. I suppose it reminds me of getting ready to go play outside and toss around a few snowballs. Even if I’m getting ready for work or to run errands, the conditioned happy feeling is still present. “Staying in” comfy clothes are the best, though: warm sweatpants, thick sweaters and toasty slippers rock my world!


No matter how coordinated (or, in my case, uncoordinated!) you are, this is one activity that you can partake in. The more sophisticated version of this is skiing or snowboarding, which I hear can be fun as well. Pittsburgh is an optimal area to do any of these pastimes, with all of the hills we have.

New Year’s

Ringing in the New Year is definitely a highlight during part of the coldest, darkest period of the year. It’s a great excuse to catch up with friends, and, in our case, this has been one of the times that we venture back over to England for a visit. It’s a holiday that promotes optimism and having fun. 🙂