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The Perfect New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a safe & happy holiday season. With our wedding quickly approaching, I know I’m super excited for what will come in 2012. My fiancé and I have been able to spend more time together recently, as he has now relocated to Pittsburgh (yay!), which means I’ve been getting a flavor of what married life with him will be like.  I cannot wait for the full time deal.


My fiancé has been in continent since late October (i.e. – around the time of my last blog, which is not a coincidence). Now that we’re within a drive of each other, we’ve been taking full advantage of the close proximity and have literally seen each other every weekend. Is it love? Definitely. Is it insanity? It wasn’t at first, but after having shared the road with certain individuals, we’re each starting to wonder…

Dial an Exorcist!

I’m an extremely mild mannered person the majority of the time; however, when I share the road with drivers who do not practice the concept of the passing lane, I become a very different person. My patience flies out the window: I start to twitch, words that my mother would not approve of come out of my mouth, and there are instances where I’m quite sure my head starts to turn. Not a healthy reaction, but really, it’s a simple, logical concept. How challenging is it to drive in a civilized manner??

Driving 101: Passing Lane

As someone who did not get her driver’s license until the age of 23, I learned about the concept of a passing lane through watching friends drive. For those of you who skimmed over this section in driver’s ed, a driver is essentially meant to use the right hand lane for the majority of their driving. The left hand lane is then open to use to “overtake” a slower moving vehicle. Promptly upon passing said vehicle, the driver should then return to the right hand lane. This guideline is reversed in England, with drivers passing to the right.

What’s in a Name?

There are many people in the US who call the left hand lane the Fast Lane. Let’s dissect this one, shall we? “Fast” is a relevant term. You know you’re going fast if you have a point of comparison, which would be the person you’re passing. If you’re not actively passing someone, then you are clearly both the fastest and the slowest driver. Please do not use this as an opportunity to mitigate any inferiority complexes. Just move your bumper over. This has never been referred to as the Hanging Out Lane for a reason.

Shrink-ology of Driving

If there’s not yet been a psychology of driving study done, there are plenty of angles to consider above and beyond the drivers who can relate to Ricky Bobby. For instance, I’ve never been able to understand why you can and, sadly, often do find cars that drive parallel to each other. Sure, it looks cute at first, as it almost appears as the cars are holding hands. That appeal fades quickly, though, when you realize that you’re stuck driving at the speed these drivers dictate.

Resolution Time 

Every year, 2012 included, I state that I will become healthier: eat better, exercise more, and sport a slimmer body as proof of my changed ways. Every year, any efforts that I’ve made are a distant memory by the time April rolls around. I would like to propose a resolution that is extremely easy to achieve – to use the passing lane consistently going forward. Go ahead, sign on for something that you can master and that will earn you madd street cred on the roads. Start off 2012 on the right side of the road…literally!