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Too Much Convenience?

In true American style, I am a huge fan of products or services that make any experience easier. Meals that can be prepared in a microwave, drive-thrus of any type (cash machine, fast food, car wash, etc.), and Scrubbing Bubbles make my world go ’round. My English husband didn’t quite appreciate some of these benefits before he moved to the US, although I think we’re close to being on the same page. By attempting to make things simpler, is it possible to try to make life too easy? There are a few items that stand out to me as having missed the boat.

Premixed Beverages

Certain prepackaged beverages, like Corona & lime, rum & coke, and Smirnoff & beer, are beyond my comprehension. A good margarita mix is something that is definitely worth the money, since it can be a complicated recipe. What I can’t understand is when it involves mixing two ingredients, how difficult is that to repeat, especially when the “recipe” is clearly provided in the commercial? The Smirnoff Rocket

Forever Lazy

This is one step up (or down?) from the infamous Snuggie. Not only does it provide sleeves in this piece of traditional blanket material, but it also includes a trap door in the back. My Canadian colleagues thought it was a joke when I shared this with them. It is appropriately named, although the fact that they show people wearing this in public at a tailgating event just weirds me out! Forever Lazy


Truth be told, I own one of these. They have their place, which is to dust the floor in between proper cleanings. It cracks me up the way they make mopping seem so complicated in the commercial. What’s missing in this comparison is that after you make the first swipe, you then need to replace the cloth. That’s not only time consuming, it also adds up on the cost side. Swiffer

Shampoo & Conditioner in One

This product loses a lot of the benefits of shampoo and conditioner separately. It’s hard to imagine how the cleaning can occur while the conditioning is taking place. The concept is basically the same as squirting a bit of lotion in your hand while washing it. If you have hair short enough to where it doesn’t make a big difference, then it just may work enough.