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Advice for Getting Hitched

We’re now married! To be fair, we’ve been married for almost two months now. The time consuming planning we did was absolutely worth it, as the day was phenomenal. It went so smoothly, with most of the credit attributable to the wealth of helpful advice we received in advance. I’ve selected a few points to share that really helped to make our day special.

Make It Your Day

There are so many people who offer advice with the best of intentions. Some of the ideas might be truly useful, though others may not be as relevant to what you have in mind. To keep the day as low maintenance as we wanted, there were some pointers we skipped. There are so many aspects you can’t control, like the swearing chauffeur we had, that we found it to be good to have the rest of the day to our specs.

Hire a Good Photographer

It is true that the day flies by! You spend months planning and then it’s over within a matter of hours. Not only do we now enjoy looking at the photos taken when we were there to relive the day, but there are also moments you will happen to miss because you’re involved making a different memory. Word to the wise on photography: If you are debating whether to have disposable cameras on your tables, proceed with caution, as you never know what you’ll find when you develop them…

Take a Honeymoon

We were fortunate enough to be able to take off of work and see some parts of US together that we hadn’t seen before. The best part? Being able to sleep in without any chores hanging over our heads, not even laundry! Seeing the Grand Canyon was not too shabby, either.

Don’t Let the Little Things Stress You Out

Remember that the purpose of the day is to start your lives together. Although it does happen to be a grand party with your close friends and family, if the cake arrives late or if the bar runs out of someone’s favorite beverage, just roll with it. Even when the pastor started to go rogue with the very practiced program we had planned for the ceremony, we followed his queues, including the not so subdued announcement into his mike: “Now, take just a SIP of this wine.”