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What’s in a Number?

Some people warned me that the day I turned thirty would be difficult. Although it’s just another harmless seeming day on the calendar, you magically transform from “someone in their twenties” to a “thirty-something.” My thirtieth birthday wasn’t that difficult for me; my challenge came with a different number a few months later.

Strange, New Food World

A few years ago, I worked in England. Initially, I was hesitant to eat some of the new food. I missed going to the grocery store and just knowing what to buy. It didn’t take long before I summoned up the courage to try some of the new grub: amazing chocolate candy bars, tasty scones & clotted cream, and don’t get me started on their massive, hodgepodge fried breakfasts! Me finding my comfort zone with English food made it increasingly challenging for me to find clothes comfortable.

Welcome Back!

My trend of unhealthy eating continued after I returned. I was on the go quite a bit, on the road to plan wedding details. I decided that I wasn’t going to be a bride who dieted before the wedding because, well, being hungry makes me cranky. 🙂 Apparently, I also missed the convenience of driving up to fast food places and took advantage of it more than I should have. When McDonald’s came out with their cinnamon buns that taste just like Cinnabon’s, that made it even more tempting to drive thru to snag a very caloric snack.

Evans, Bob Evans

Married life has been a lot of fun for me. I am lucky enough to have married someone who enjoys exploring new things, and with him being an import to the US, we had a lot of restaurants to peruse. I introduced him to the unhealthy American breakfast offerings, unique desserts, and larger meal portions across the board. I realized I was quickly starting to become like a tree by gathering a ring around my waist for each year that passed by. This was certainly a way for me to remember where I had been and what I had eaten, although I was determined to find a way to store my memories in a more healthy, happy manner.

Nightmare on Liberty Avenue

My decision to change my not-so-great habits coincided with a weight loss program at work. Although I appreciated the opportunity for accountability, I didn’t quite know what I was signing myself up for. I set up an account on the tracking website – check! Entered in my activity level, or lack thereof – yikes, but check! Met with the health consultant to weight in…in the open copy room…and read my weight right next to the Legal and HR teams…where anyone could walk in at any moment and sue and/or fire me for being too overweight…deep breath & check…

Getting There…

Finally, after several months, I’ve now achieved 70% of my ultimate goal. It’s more and more difficult to make progress as I’m getting closer to that end target. I love my sweets and still indulge here and there; I just need to keep that balanced with eating lower calorie salads and partaking in moderate exercise. Having my jeans not only fit, but have some extra space, is very rewarding! As is having a husband who loves and supports me with or without a few extra pounds.