Through My Eyes

Since there are some experiences that are difficult to communicate using words alone, I hope these pictures will do most of the “talking.”


This was the gorgeous view we had while walking the boardwalk the other morning. It was pretty hot for eight in the morning.


My little one likes to make sure these stuffed animals stay hydrated…it’s hot out there!


This play room does not look right. The poor overturned dump truck indicates trouble! …or does it?


I may use this photo from our date the other night by the Jersey Shore. Word to the wise – don’t go out that way for dinner on a Sunday. The traffic on the way home was not as calming!


Here is one of many shopping carts that have been left out, which irks me. :-/


This spring, I’m able to enjoy the scenery a bit more than I did a year ago at this time. I love the contrast of the bright, springy green and the overcast skies in this photo.


My husband & I captured a picture of our shadows while walking around DC a few years back. I can still vividly remember taking this photo.

20160208_163216 (2)

Here’s an action shot of me and my mini-me playing the laundry basket game. I’m quite a speedy conductor, it seems.


I made this button flag for my baby when I was pregnant. When I see this, I think about working with a hot glue gun while sitting on an exercise ball.


Fall in my neighborhood is gorgeous! This photo was taken during a morning October walk with my baby.


My husband and I took a road trip last year. One of the stops we made was New Orleans, a favorite destination of my dad, where we had this yummy breakfast.

Christmas Goodies

My family and I get together each December to bake a bunch of goodies and then split the loot. This was what I made out with a couple of years ago. I’m going to miss that tradition this year, being in New Jersey.


I took this picture the first time my husband visited Pittsburgh, which was early in October. Suuuure, every October in the ‘Burgh is JUST like this one…! 🙂

Crib Sheets

We still have yet to do a lot of shopping to prepare for the baby, but we couldn’t resist getting these adorable crib sheets!

High Line

My husband and I ventured into NYC one weekend and walked along the High Line. It’s a defunct railroad that has been converted into a park.


My mother-in-law took this picture of the real ducks playing amongst the fake ones at Peppa Pig World – too cute! 🙂


The road trip we took on our honeymoon out west was beautiful, but started to look the same after a while. I decided to have some fun, playing with the camera. 🙂


English fry-ups are so tasty, although I was very intimidated (and confused!) the first time I laid eyes on this feast. Beans for breakfast??

Madame Zelda

Madame Zelda knows all…hope she gives me some answers to my silly questions! 🙂

A couple of years ago, my husband and now in-laws made & decorated these cookies, which isn’t a popular tradition in the UK. Santa and Mr. Hankey are featured in this shot.

We took this shiver-causing shot was taken at Niagara Falls on New Year’s Day of 2011. As beautiful of a view as this is, we didn’t linger outside too long after taking this picture.

My friends and I saw this sign in Barcelona. It was a candy shop, so no actual medical help was around (not that we needed it!).

During our visit to the Grand Canyon, my husband thought this sign was hilarious, since he’s not used to having the right to bear arms.

Although this looks like a photograph, this actually is one of many breathtaking murals in Bristol. This is one of many I stole a shot of during my walk through the town.

My now husband proposed to me at this romantic location, which was also the spot of our first date. The maintenance kept to keep up the grounds is mind-boggling, yet magically worth it.

When we stopped at a Popeye’s during our honeymoon, I saw this sign and couldn’t help but steal a shot! I was having what I thought was “sweetened” iced tea, although it might have been sketchier than that upon reflection…

The “Part time signals” sign shows a sample of the Welsh language. I wonder if these street signs belong to a union?

Matt’s and my trip to Venice is a memory that I appreciate having in my mental bank. Venice is a gorgeous city, both during the day & at night.

Since one’s mind is in their head, there’s something that cracks me up about this English store sign.

This picture was taken in the Cotswolds. After climbing a hill to reach an Iron Age fort, we were treated with this lovely view!

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